Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Arse in Gear

It was about two weeks ago, maybe more, that Steff from Drive Carefully sent me a text message asking my opinion on doing a 'music webzine'.
I think my response was something like "Yeah, that sounds great, go on then"

Its been about a month since Jef, moaning about not being in Glasgow Indie Eyespy, kind of volunteered to take over the running of that site.

Its been about three months since I gave up regularly recording videos of the Last Night From Glasgow series of video webcasts. Since Is This Music had a short news item about the 100th installment.

Then two days ago, I had to force down the bile, the choking realisation that The Skinny and The List, the central belt's top two regular indie(ish) review/listings magazines, would never review The Plimptons latest album, Pomp.

Those bastards.

Like my pa used to say

If you want something done,
You gotta do it yourself

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