Sunday, 11 March 2007

USA is a Monster, Germlin, Household - 13th Note

Ah, a door money dude who appreciates exact change. Often overlooked, sometimes this can be vital. In the past gigs have been cancelled due to lack of change, but not tonight.

Stew from Beard is here, maybe this show will get two reviews.

Odd piercings and facial hair in the crowd tonight, but they all seem rather healthy.

Household are on first, a four-piece with a girl drummer, does that technically make them a three-piece? The first song launches into scratchy vocals and guitar which some might describe as 'blistering'. They do pour a lot of treacly vitriol into their songs. 'Raw' would be another word to use when writing a review.
Although harse sounding, there are wee melodic bits, even reggae breaks. I guess this is what it would feel like to be a Toblerone.

A girl walks in who bares a striking resemblance to Magic Tea off of the internet and there are at least three people here who look like my cousin.

Aw man, Household have so much paraphernalia, its taking a whole team of roadies to clear the stage for Germlin who will be a solo performer, man and laptop as one.

Germlin is an eight year old boy with a keyboard and Apple linked together so they make a noise like 'MOWM' or just noise. Sometimes he gets so lost in the music that he has to do toddler gymnastics, somersaults and worms.
Germlin crouched on the floor
It the way he's crouched on the floor with everyone crowded round except the chap who's dancing crazily, its very disarming. If it were anyone else the audience would have fled, scared.

Guitarist from USA is a Monster looks like a Klingon. The first couple of tunes, less tunes, but had a good beat. The crowd dancing looked like grouchin'.
USA is a Monster
Ooh, Anastasia's here and Andy too. I think they've seen the band before.

Nifty guitar work, but the vocals are lost on me. Its all driving, pounding and gnawing, it gets in your head like a tent peg.

OMG!!! There's a girl standing at the other side of the room with her fingers in her ears. I'm leaving in disgust.

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