Wednesday, 4 April 2007

The Disappointments, Winnebago Deal - Barfly

We walk into find a local mob on stage, they look like a bunch of HollyOaks rejects playing Stiltskin covers.

A wee bit apprehensive of The Disappointments, I dunno who they are, but they're doing stretching exercises before they go on. Its either going to be an impresive show or this is all part of the act.

"They're no bad," says Alan, the bloke in a mask stood next to me.

The guitar dude spins his ax round his head, its like Guityar Hero incarnate and the bass player, he runs to and fro across the stage like The Manic Street Preachers never split up, just like that.

The neatly shawn lead singer guitarist chap in the middle of the stage, sounded like he was from down south, seemed pretty pleasant. At some point he mentions in passing that they're on Fierce Panda, which I guess puts them along side such luminaries as Akira, Tim Allon and Coldplay.

Ooh, thingi from Lapsus Linguae just walked past.

The sound was shite downstairs for The Disappointments, there was definitely guitar shredding, barking and howling, but other than that I can't really say.

Upstairs, some family show, Pure Red Iguana, possibly a wedding band, lots of dolled up family members and old people sat down.

Winnebago Deal, the little known sister of Kim and Kelley Deal from The Breeders, or so Alan would have me beleive. They'd moved the drum kit to the front of the stage and to howls from 40-strong audience, two mn took to the stage, a drummer and a guitarist.

Impressive stuff, I would have thought they'd be limited by such a small selection of instruments, but it was almost as if the Black Keys were a thrash band. Admittedly many of the songs did sound the same, but in the crowd there was an amusing dancing monkey living out a thrash gig soap opera with his girlfriend, which kept me entertained until the gig was over.

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