Monday, 9 April 2007

Glasgow Glam Bangers, Hugh Reed, The Plimptons - Nice n Sleazy

The Plimpies again, at Nice n Sleazy's, I do make CDs for them so I'm biased and crave their success.

First up are the Glasgow Glam Bangers, Magnus on guitar looks like the seventh cast member from Auf Wiedersen Pet and Paxton the singer looks splendid in make up and heels.

Holly's in the crowd tonight, there's a cold going round and she's ammassed a small collection of her own used tissues. They're all creased hapazardly, but one in particular is scrumpled small with phlegm.

Of the band, Alan Wolfknuckle says "They were as entertaining as I remember them"

Ooh, neat cover of Rebel Rebel, it suits them. They have less fuzz on the guitar than usual, making them come across more stripped down and less unrelenting than usual. But some would say 'Musically competant'.

Rowan Plimpton swears that Hugh Reed is a local hero and institution of sort, I think I saw him supporting Belle and Sebastian here a few years back. Holly and Katherine squeal there's a naked man at the side of the stage, but its just Hugh putting on his extensive costumes.

Its a bit of a mix of genres, Hugh on stage with backing tapes/mp3s. Some of his material falls flat and some of it works as a stand up routine. Katherine has the factoid that his MySpace page claims he toured with Blondie, chances are low, but who knows.

Before Shug hit the stage my favourite part of the night was when Adam Plimpton working the door was confronted by a pretty girl asking what bands were playing, he told her and she paid in looking scared "She gave me a crazy look, I thought it was the done thing, so I gave her one back."

I wasn't convinced by Hugh Reed until halfway through his set, and it was like that bit in Philadelphia where Tom Hanks is translating opera for Denzel Washington who suddenly all understands and melts and stuff. It was when Hugh uses an old TV screen as a frame for his mic then runs round the audience unreeling and wrapping the audience up a roll of sellotape.

Aw man, now a Scott Walker cover, and I'm wearing my KLF t-shirt. And next a Screamin' Jay Hawkins cover. This man is a god.

Plimptons hit the stage, Katherine say "Not as crap as last time I saw them", The sound guy's on the ball tonight.

A new song, sounds remarkably like Shane McGowan. The crowd seem to tolerate it. Do you ever get that surreal feeling when you hear a song, that it was written about you, that certain lines just strike a chord, and even though it couldn't possibly be, that song was written about you?

Some in the crowd noticed that the Plimps seem atighter than they used to. Although one wonders how many paying punters are here under duress.

Sure, they clap and holler after each song, but well, when the Plimps are playing, no one seems to look like they're enjoying it.

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