Sunday, 22 April 2007

The Just Joans, Babybones, 18 Wheels - Drive Carefully Records - 13th Note

The Just Joans were really good apparently, better than last night. I was trudging my way across town, missing them, arriving in time to catch the second band setting up.

Babybones. Shouty shouty, Joy Joy and discussions about how the shouty girl's hair has changed since last time they played a Drive Carefully night. She'd had it curlier and tied back tightly, now it bares a striking resemblance to a girl I knew in Sweden.

Oop, an ex-flatmate is here, she still owes me about seventy quid from a phonebill from 2001.

18 Wheels, fronted by a gentleman whos a cross between Eddie Izzard and Oliver Reed, lurging around the stage self-assuredly. The Deep Fried Wolfknuckles should aim for him.

Rather fast guitar garage rock with mumbled rambling lyrics. Cool lead guitar, nice use of effects there. The Rhythm guitar, a beat up acoustic with pickups taped on, played round the guy's knees.

Guitarist and bassist leaning back on each other, forming a wee ho down tunnel, that the singer chuckled at and demolished.

"Goodnight Glasgow!"

I wrote off the debt years ago, after about six months of nagging, phonecalls and text messages. Doesn't mean I've forgotten or want to be like all friends with her and owt.

And so it was, tagging along with the Drive Carefully Crew to their traditional aftershow venue, the Barfly, colliding with the mighty Obscura aftershow entourage. Bless.

"Goodnight Glasgow"




lism. said...

Aye, but what did you think of the young lady's DJ set?? ;)

Chris said...

erm, I think I nipped out between bands and may have missed you. I'll stick around next time