Monday, 21 May 2007

Ally Kerr, Chris Leonard, Roy Moller, The State Broadcasters - Cottiers

The Cottiers again, for Viva Melodia, Glasgow's premier free Sunday night gig, and on stage starting the evening's procedings are Ally Kerr and Chris Leonard, and they sound great. The crowd seem pretty appreciative too and its early doors.

The weather's fine outside, seems a shame to waste it by only sitting outdoors between bands.

Aw man, this is the fifth time I've been to one of these nights here, well, the fifth review and all this time I've gotten the name wrong, calling it Viva Melodica instead of Viva Melodia. Luckily with the power of the internet I can go back and correct all the typos, no one will ever know.

The first time I saw Roy Moller, at Bar Baccus, I was't so impressed, the folk I'd gone there with had a better idea of who he was than I, which put me off, but tonight at Viva Melodia, maybe I'm just more forgiving of the poor acoustics in the room than usual, but he's actually really good.

Sounds kind of like '50s rock n roll or doo wop, with a country lilt. Some of the songs have really nice grooves. Up on stage we have a bass player with country patches on his shirt, Roy singing with acoustic guitar and harmonica, and a chap sat down at the side playing lead. There's a fourth chap who come up from the audience for every other song to lend backing vocals or melodica.

Headlining tonight are The State Broadcasters, they have cello, harp, keyboard, guitar and a glokenspiel and they sound like some mythril waterfall, maybe a little bit like Aberfeldy but without the cliche. It started out a bit rough though, sound problems with the keyboard, but they rose above it, kind of like a swimmer emerging, I think it was part of the act.

My appreciation of the band is briefly interrupted by the arrival of a former student's union barmaid who I really fancied about five years ago.

and then Grrr, friends of bands who talk loudly during other band's quiet numbers, yes Roy's friends, I mean you.

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