Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The Plimptons - QMU

Aw man, we're in the pub down the way from the QMU, after the Plimptons have been thrown out for public nudity.

I was going to start off this review expressing my concerns about how many gigs I go to, maybe too many, but that's going to have to wait until another day.

Before the Plimps went on, some time after the soundcheck, one of the band told me Martin kept getting his cock out, and they hoped he wouldn't do it on stage.

So the place is empty, one of the largest venues of their career, the place is empty except for the other bands and their entourages.

It started so well, huge stage, all the band in their element, then Martin starts taking his shoes off, guitars strap failing as he struggles with the laces. That should have been a clear flag to informed observers.

Sometime during 'Nazi Army' Paul stands atop a speaker stack, waves his arms about in the new-rave style, and leaps off in iconic fashion, returning to his keyboard in time for the Nazi solo.

Martin had shed his trousers and t-shirt leaving just his boxer shorts by the set's halfway point.

And some time before Realm O'Majik he lost his boxers too, concealing his shlong with his guitar. Rowan, our urstwhile drummer, had been summoned to the microphone for an unspecified reason, but took the opportunity to chuck some detritus off stage. It must have been then that the idea hit her, in the pre-amble to Realm, she starts throwing all the clothing she can find off the stage.Plimp Rockin' the QMU 11
Adam had removed some clothes too, slower than Martin, taunting the audience with hoisting and lowering his usual high-mast trousers.

Now, for Realm O'Majik, Adam usually plays guitar and Martin frolicks about in the audience, so now naked, with clothes spread to the winds he alternately uses a beer bottle and microphone to hide his shlong.

Oh the howls of terror from the crowd and the gradual exceptance of the nekkid chap horsing aroundon all fours and eventual embracing of him.

His girlfriend must be so proud.

Early on in the set Paul had been having problems with the sound from his keyboard, the extensive checking of cables and connections had little help, thus freeing him from his shackles to leap around the stage and making some of the songs a little shakey.

So when during Realm O' the microphone cut out, Martin forraged for a different mic to carry on and when that failed, he forraged for another and another.

By the fifth mic fail they knew the venue management had their hand in , this neatly won over the audience in revolt.

Alas, The Mighty Plimps were denied the opportunity to play their usual set closer hoe-down, Banjology.

Martin escorted out by the manager woman, the rest of the band and entourage followed, thus taking half the audience from the other bands.

Sorry, I'm sure your sets were great.





Anonymous said...

heh heh heh
what WILL they do nezzzzzzzz.... . . . . .

Anonymous said...


was that the RAW night?

Paul said...

RAW indeed. Really just a battle of the bands run by a bunch of uptight self-importantoids. Plimptons at least gave them their one solitory memorable and entertaining performace.

Paul said...

RAW indeed. Really just a battle of the bands run by a bunch of uptight self-importantoids. Plimptons at least gave them their one solitary memorable and entertaining performance.

Chris said...

Aw fuck, looks like the video has been taken down off of YouTube. Damn those cretinous ex-girlfriends.