Friday, 15 June 2007

Foxface, Skeleton Bob, Kevin Campbell - Mono

Drunk at the Pulpit, I kind of missed going to the last one, and took great pleasure of reviewing it anyway, is some kind of bands and record playing night, bringing together folk with music they wouldn't usually find, with esquisitly twee flyers.

First on stage is Kevin Campbell. Delicate finger picking, more like a recital than a set from the slide guitar player in Older and Faraway, most of whom happen to be in attendance tonight.

Bob, my companion, he thinks "He's got soul man, I also believe he rapes babies, you can tell by the way he plays guitar."

So there's this girl sat next to us, she appears to be drawing the gig. I think I've heard about her before, its been suggested that one of my cartoonist chums does a similar thing, but charges the promoters a more modest fee for illustrations.

So my friend Bob, we played chicken together as kids, I haven't seen him for ages, now he has only one leg, the other a rather half arsed prosthetic, the Nigerian NHS I guess. I don't really feel comfortable asking about it. It's ben 14 years, how long do these things take to grow back?
My friend Bob's prosthetic foot
Skeleton Bob "Why's he singing like that? Is he American?" No Bob, its just the way he's singing, "He sings better when not singing in American."

Bob wonders if the drummer's boobs bounce when she drums, its hard to tell under that jumper. Nice drumming on the faster numbers, kind of just functional on the slower ones.

Ooh, one of the songs started like it was going to be a Joy Division cover, and then another like Born To Be Wild, before veering off course.

Bob's leg knocks against a table in time to the must, people nearby glance over, muttering to themselves, racists.

Foxface on last "Tired, been around Glasgow too long, they've stopped progressing and should really just stop." There's already one Sons & Daughters out there, do we really need another? For that matter I think they sound just like Foxface too, they need to find another audience, Bob's right, they need to progress somehow.
Fox Face
The wee oscillating, squeeling tone thing at the start of the set, whilst uncalled for, could end up being their saviour if they learn how to use it.

"The singer has just stood up on a table screaming, like a maddenned ostrich, oh no, he's pissing on someone's humus. What an animal, he shouldn't be allowed in a vegan establishment."

And as my companion descending is to potentially libellous claims about what is happening on stage, in a cynical effort to draw the reader's attention to this blog, I feel I should, not so much justify, but pontificate. Whilst I firmly established in my mind, that going to three or four gigs every week is possibly a symptom of a sick mind, especially bearing the quality of the bands and the promoters, and well quality of the review writing, I also feel that you guys, the readers, aren't pulling your weight.

I'm guessing that a number of you readers are actually in the bands that I go to see, or have a hand in running / promoting the gigs. I pay you money, and I tell people about the show afterwards, I try to tell people about it afterwards. I write about the bands, and my feelings the sights, sounds and sensations that you've provided, cos well to be honest no one else is going to. I feel its a bit of a lop sided relationship.

I thrive on people reading this, on seeing how many hits this site gets, just like the bands thrive on seeing a full and eager audience. The way this site gets loads of hits isn't by cultivating a small dedicated band of readers, I'll leave that to community sites, this site gets loads of hits by other people posting links in their websites, blogs and messageboards. Not just one link, but loads of them.

So go forth and reciprocate.

Maybe I'll start actually reviewing the shows if there are people reading.



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Foxface are a bunch of cunts.