Saturday, 2 June 2007

Gay Against You - The Old Blue Last

Once more into the breach dear friends, once more. and I'm back in London once again, only forty five quids worth of petrol, drove slowly to push the boundaries of fuel efficiency, when it would have saved the environment so much more if I'd just stayed in bed and sobbed to myself.

There's a strange dream-like quality to the evening, I arrive late at the Old Blue Last, still unsure what that means, but it does neatly fit in with the theme of the word Last which has dogged my muso career since university. I've missed whatever support acts there were and Gay Against You are hitting the stage.

Yup I've driven 406.3 miles to see a Glasgow band. Wee Joe who could be a twelve year old and his friend Lachy.

They make noise and they make a mess. I reckon they're glitch pop, some of their tunes on myspace are nice, but live, they're a different beast, noisier and less structured. Their live performance is a gimmick, they make a mess, with foam, paper, cardboard, chalk, whatever they can get their hands on, strangling theirs elves with mic leads, breaking their own necks leaping off of tables and writhing on the floor.

The crowd here are loving it, lapping it up, diving in and falling over. It'll stick in their heads but for how long, and is this what bands have to do to get noticed?

When they finish I sneak away, long drive home.

Why do I do it?

This whole project Last Night From Glasgow Indie Eyespy, instant gig reviews of gigs no one else writes about, well most of the time, its a failed mission. No spectacular hits, no huge income from google ads, less than $5 last month. Only one guestlist place. No new friends or life altering experience, just noisy disillusionment.

I wish I could be like Gay Against You. But I can't.

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