Sunday, 8 July 2007

Ally Kerr, The Metro-Gnomes - Cottiers

Has it really been a whole month since I was last at the Cottiers for Viva Melodia? Returning victorious from The Plimptons' show at the Liverpool Cavern. So much has gone on and changed. I'm actually listening to Ally Kerr's lyrics, everything seems to be about leaving town and missing all this. I'm almost in tears at the bar.

This is what summer should be about, cold German beer and songs that make you well up.

Why isn't Ally playing T in the Park? With an honourary place on the T-Break stage or just under Camera Obscura on the King Tuts stage. Maybe talent isn't enough, you really do have to wait years.

I can't believe I missed Monica Queen playing here at Viva Melodia last week. I've been wanting to see her and hear her for years, playing on her own, outwith guest vocals on Belle and Sebastian Shows. I bought a Thrum CD off of Amazon once, on the back of seeing clips of them playing The Word on YouTube. No one gets away in the 21st century.

The Metro-Gnomes, not sure whether the hyphen is required, on stage next. Girl on guitar and bloke on harmonica, both on vocal duties, clear and laid back. Very sweet music when they're playing, but there are long pointless pauses between songs, letting the crowd get restless and chatter. I was going to compare them to The Carpenters, but the harmonies remind me more of Simon and Garfunkle, with the wee finger picked descending guitar lines.

Oh my!! KAZOO SOLO!!!! I now love these guys, all sins are forgiven.

Some quality bands coming up here in the next few weeks, Reno Amps, Primary 5 and The legendary St. Deluxe


Anonymous said...

Hi there, i not sure if you were actually at the gig mentioned above, i can tell you for absolute certainty that The Hellhounds were outside listening for most of Ally's set not talking over his music, i dont really care what you think of the music they play everyone is entitled to their opinion.( BTW we didnt have a ukelele, that was the metro-gnomes) but i do take issue with saying that they talked loudly through Ally's set, that was impossible.
If you are going to write something snidey about someone please stick to the facts, or perhaps even turn up(and listen) to the gig you are reviewing.
The Moody Blues/The Shadows, thats a laughing about that!
As for your rambling about ancient burials..........time for a spot of rehab mate!

Chris said...

no worries, I've fixed it now, one less review for you to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, thanks for that, apologies for my wee rant there! Its just i know the hellhounds and the last thing they want is to be seen to be rude or disrespectful to another artist, especially Ally who is a pal!
Thanks again
ps thats the only review they have had to worry about! Its the only one they have ever had! :)