Monday, 30 July 2007

The Gresham Flyers

I made a conscious effort not to see this band.

Sometimes I have these fantasies about indiepop genocide, how I could be the indiepop Stalin. By using the time honoured words I can kill off bands who have fucked me over, or some other suspected misdoings of the past.

By saying they're despicable people, vermin, representing the very worst of this scene, like cockroaches. Their nepotism and eliteism is a pox on all DIY, homemade bands. They need to be excluded from this sort of thing.

Maybe they'll just cease to exist, their work left as a fading scar, forgotten save for suntans and flourescent lighting. And I'd be the indiepop Stalin who made it so.

The feeling of injustice, betrayal, rejection and alienation from their ilk has made me the monster I am today. Every atrocity I've created, give me a minute and I can attribute it to them. Every self-inflicted injustice is due to them and their lott.

Their guitarist, Waz, was the first person to wander over and say hi when I arrived on site.




Optimus Rhyme said...

So was there actually a reason for the hatred towards this band? Did Waz walk over to you in the wrong way? Did they fail to recognise "some bloke who has a blog about indie music" or was it that inspiration has failed you for your blog and you needed a focal point to get some "indiepop doesn't love me anymore" style rage off your chest?

You never once even elude to what the suspected misdoings are or how you have been "fucked over". Seeing how every single entry on your blog has 0 comments I can only assume that nobody reads your little rants and shallow insights. I think I should look somewhere else for my band review fix.

Indiepop Stalin, no.
Keith Chegwin of the blogosphere, more likely.

Anonymous said...

Oh for fuck's sake, Chris, grow up and get a new hobby.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...evidently this is why your journalistic aspirations are confined to writing this 5hitty little blog. Firstly because the language used throughout shows a complete lack of objectivity and allows your social inadequacies to come to the forefront by publishing such barbed nonesense. Secondly, it shows you have a lack of music taste, or that your personal issues with others prevent you from being able to apreciate their music. Thirdly, if you never actually watched the band, how would you know what they were like? And finally, is it true you once got caught masturbating in your mom's knickers? I laughed so much when i heard that!


A Flyers Fan!

P.S. You may not publish it here, but I will be publishing elsewhere complete with links to your blog for others to come and take the piss! Nice of me huh?

Anonymous said...

Other hobbies include creating this site

Anonymous said...

Reasons for disliking the Flyers include
a) The Plimptons being fucked over for a gig they were arranging about two years ago.
b) Rejection and alienation from Bowlie
c) London

idleberry said...

See, I'm confused.

Firstly, cos I don't understand why the Flyers have anything to do with your alienation from Bowlie. I don't see how they ever had a hand in it. Nobody forced you into getting yourself banned, or subsequently creating aliases and then getting banned again and again. I hate to state the blindingly obvious, but you're a big boy, and it's about time you took some responsibility for your own actions, instead of blaming people who were at the time, over 400 miles away.

I mean, they're no more responsible for it than say, Wintergreen, who are also London based. In fact, there are quite a few London based bands, and yet none of them earned the same return.

As for a Plimptons gig.... years ago, you say?? dearie me. Did ALL of the Flyers organise that? And how logn are you prepared to bare a grudge?

That said, you're ignoring me now cos I have a boyfriend just when you decided that you loved me (and probably 10 million other lucky girls). It might explain why my previous comment didn't make it to the cut.... No matter. :)

Chris said...

I deleted your previous comment because I control this site, I control the direction of the discussion and your comment added nothing to the debate I want to have. I'm ignoring you for the same reasons given a month ago.

23:47:13 29-06-2007
Cos i feel
around you now, i
feel i'm taken
advantage of, i'm
still pissed off about
the Rachel thing and
i'm mighty bitter
that i'm banned
from an internet
community what
youse are all part of.

Nothing has happened that changes this.

I am holding all of The Gresham Flyers responsible for fucking over The Plimptons playing the All Dayer and I'm holding all Bowlie members responsible for me still being banned, apart from my friends.

Maybe at some point in the future, something will happen, something will change, that will change my perspective on this. The possibilities are limitless. But at the moment, this is how it stands.

idleberry said...

Such a complicated and tragic world, Christopher.

You moderate comments, but can't understand others moderating (and indeed banning) you from other sites.

You hold everyone on bowlie responsible except you, the registered user who got banned.

You hate everyone on bowlie except your friends. Even though your friends are on bowlie. Some you cut out, some you don't.

No matter. I just feel so sorry for you. I hope you find your way out of that pitiful little world you exist within, in London. Best of luck.

Chris said...

You could come to the Deep Fried Wolfknuckles gig on the 9th at the 13th Note

Anonymous said...

Call me exceptionally stupid, but why does the fact you hate the band members mean that it automatically follows that their music is lousy? Surely your post should give some basis for their musical ineptitude. Otherwise you just sound like a pathetic little boy throwing his toys out of the pram.

ladyho said...

Looks like one of your problems may be surrounding yourself with the wrong sort of "friends" in the first palce. What happened to empathy and loyalty as key traits within friendship. You stick to yer guns boy. An occasional fascist tirade can be very therapeutic for excorcising the old demons.