Monday, 30 July 2007

The Hermit Crabs - Indietracks

I'm in an internet cafe near Charing Cross typing up my notes right now, provisionally flathunting otherwise I'll be sleeping rough by sunset, and waiting on meeting a friend for lunch. I'm so thirsty my vision is clouding, but I can see someone reading the festival reviews already, I hope they leave comments, and link to me from somewhere.

I love you.

Still broad daylight when The Mighty Crabs hit the stage, a load of the Scottish contingent have arrived in the crowd.

Caroline says "They're alright" I think they're a little bass heavy, "Not that excited" The crowd are gently swaying and to my right Amy is engaged in foot tapping.
The Hermit Crabs
Hmm, the fine ales on tap, Victoria Wood and Fistful of Hops have gone straight to my head.

Must comment on Ally Crabs' two finger keyboard playing - reassuring.

The vocals are mixed like they come from a well or wall cavity. The usual gentleness is washed over a little.

"Same as ever, but a bit sunburnt" - Robbie

On my way out I was accosted by an Alsation dog so I called it sir and apologised profusely.


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Anonymous said...

Their drummer tries to bum every man that speaks to him. Avoid.