Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Countryside - Indietracks

Some shoegazery kids from Bristol. They look very young, but get on well with the crowd packed into the church.

The keyboard's a little lo-fi and I haven't seen Robbie for hours, he promised a Casio VL1 gig in the buffet wagon.

Back in Bolton '95, playing at the Bolton Academy Bar, the school indie band were called Flyer, playing mostly covers of mid-nineties Britpop, Blur, Elastica, and their ilk. This mob on stage are like a similar 6th form band, but playing from three years earlier, shoegazer, shallow imitations.

I need the loo more than I want to see them.

Heroin was only invented to make those who like to take their time in the toilet look cool.

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