Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Former Utopia, Kattparaden, Lonelady, Christie and Emily - The Social

For once I came straight from the underground station, taking no wrong turns. The hour wandering around Carnaby Street was intentional.

Girl on the door “Do I know you?”
“Yes, we've known each other for years.” I ought to get a t-shirt like that.

Former Utopia on stage, guitar and drums, could be sounding like Idlewild but with more chorus, its kind of like being hit by a 2” thick stick.

Some slower numbers too, slightly wistful, it would be quite nice if I had more inclination to listen to them. Maybe this is what Sebadoh sound like. Arab Strappy too, but without the scottish accent, just the miserable remains.

Female drummer too. Ooh, hand on, according to the flyer, its a six-string bass guitar, I thought there was something faintly dischordant about it.

Also from the flyer comes the realisation that his place is The Social as in the Heavenly Social. Crikey, I feel like such a bumpkin from the styx.

Kattparaden on next, last time I saw Astrid play was two years ago, on acoustic guitar, with a packed out attentive crowd. Tonight she's on electric piano.
She seems a little less nervous than last time, still sweetly vulnerable. I've often though about the need for sons that describe very specific emotions, the ones everyone feels in very specific situations, anger at one's other half late at night when you're in a club, Kattparaden have a song for that – Disco Lights

Paul is here, he looks tense halfway through. Oriental folk behind and to the right are talking loudly. I think Astrid's microphone is a little high up.

Its a short set, only five songs. There about forty people here. Gentle, tender songs can only hold their attention briefly.

LoneLady on next, from my seat at the back they sound really percussive. Singing girl enunciating on the drum beats, cranky guitar lurching around behind it. There's either people talking really loud or the songs also feature random shouts.

Maybe aiming for The GoGos, but need to blunten those arrows of desire. The drums are just too much pounding “Bum tish, bum tish”

Halfway through they get out the bongos and the accordian/bagpips effects module and it all goes a bit Bjorky.

Aw man, the toilets on the ground floor are disguised. Paul says just walk to the end of the bar and push the wall with your right hand. Its like some kind of optical illusion.

Finally Christie and Emily , quiet finger picking, video thing on the screen behind them, one of the girls is on keyboard but to begin with its hard to hear. Its very stop starty, and meandering.

Ooh, clunky spookiness, like a slowed down Adams Family. Lots of old skool reverb too. Its just too atmospheric rather than musicy.

The place had emptied out quite a bit since Kattparaden .

Towards the end the clunky reverbed keyboard rises in the mix, giving the set a neat folk dub vibe. Rather pleasant. Ooh ooh ohh, the girl with the guitar looks like the girl from Cat and Girl.



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