Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Indelicates - Indietracks

Thundering, snarly Robert Smith over shouty piano girl, with hard rock guitars and drums. A little out of place with this lot, less jazzy than other piano stadium rock contemporaries Lapsus Linguae.

Some of the snarls are from Carter USM.

The girl's awfy quiet. Not sure what they're singing about, there's something out of place with the lyrics, but I'm getting more certain of my carter USM comparison as they reiterate a line about "new art for the people".

The solo girl vox reminds me Cyndi Lauper's more tender moments, or maybe all girls sound the same, they certainly all look the same.

Kirsty McCol and The Pogues?

A wee bit too self-assured on stage.

Ooh, too pastichey

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