Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Wake The President - Indietracks

Fae Glasgow twins Bjorn and Erik, and others, some concern that last night at least one of them got a little too intoxicated and today have been drinking loads. I've never really seen them before, except for the half-arsed venture to a Hermit Crabs gig/crashing at a cafe on Great Westyern Road with the photographer.

They're sound checking and they sound drunk.

Oop, actually they're okay. They sound good, but I'm sceptical of the vocals, its forgivable.

Maybe laying on the accent a little too thickly, even the Hectors don't go that far. About as far as Arab Strap. Crikey, I hope this mob aren't the heirs.

Oh, thank fuck, some other folk are scribbling in notebooks. I can take time out.

Hmm, not sure about slagging off other indie folk, despite the Scottish lilt.

I'm too drunk to really review bands coherently, but these guys, these guys, they sound real, man, you know, they sound real.


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