Sunday, 23 September 2007

Bunnygrunt, Strawberry Story, Cooties Attack, The Cut-Outs - Monkey Chews

Hairclips. I left the flat a good hour before the show but still managed to miss the first act, 'members of' The Cut Outs. They were excellent according to Pete Green.
We're at Monkey Chews once again and Spiral Scratch are here in full effect, Crystal Ball, Alice from Arthur and Matha and that guy who looks like Sci-Fi Steve with more hair. The second band on are Cooties Attack.

When they finished I had the phrase “an airfix kit put together by a six year old” in my head. They were charming, beset by technical difficluties early on so they only had one mic. Ought to have been boy/girl two vocal with guitar, synth and drum machine. At times they sounded like that and who did “Welsh Bands Suck”, Sonic Art Union”, back in the nineties.

Their song about being in love with Tracy-Ann truly warmed the cockles, 'Love you more than Stu', she's such a harsh mistress.

I crashed and burned once in an attempt to lure her into my bedroom in a double-team action with AJ Plimpton, back in the video webcast days.

On the way out between bands to scribble notes I bump into that chap who looks like Mad Man Moon. Is it going to be another of one of those nights? I better get more beer in.

Eep, I've eaten nothing today, save a packet of choccy digestives, the beer's going straight to my head and quality of scribbling is decreasing.

During Cooties there was this annoying squeaky girl stood behind me talking through most of the set, and what do you know, she's the singer from third band, Strawberry Story. They start off by announcing they've “only played four songs in the last fifteen years, so we're going to be crap”.

So I wander out to pretend to smoke a cigarette. This reverse psychology advertising doesn't quite work on me.

Having said that, I'm a sucker for a damsel in distress, I'm just usually in too deep by the time I realise that its self-inflicted.

There were plenty of people in te audience hollering so maybe I missed something good. Half a dozen folk eagerly taking photies, then can sling online their own take on it.

Headlining tonight are Bunnygrunt. Due to technical difficulties there was no vocals in the first song, they played on regardless, it was a damned fine instrumental.

They were a bit garage rocky although while they fixes the microphone the drummer ad bass player noodled in the New York jazz style, the spirit of Dave Brubeck was in the air.

Back to business with storming gritty rock, breathy girl vocals and lead guitar which veered more towards soaring than blistering.

Status Quo and Hawkwind cover went down well with the happily bopping crowd. The icing on the Bunnygrunt cake was the never ending rock flourish ending to their last song, which kept us hanging on for days.

They have a CD out on WeePop!



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