Saturday, 15 December 2007

The Plimptons Christmas EP

xmas 031
Whilst there's barely a music blog out there that isn't covering top Glasgow band The Martial Arts's retro-Happy-Days-esque style of music and their free album download (. . .)

Only the most cynical of Glasgow comedy rock band ex-managers would try the same sort of Christmas giveaway. So here it is, in its entirity The Plimptons Christmas EP in giftwrapped zipped download for you listening pleasure.

gies yersel a rightclick download

Featuring no less than seven festive songs, including some old favourites and new ones recorded especially for this release.

How, you may be asking, can they afford to give it away for free? What about recording costs, bandwidth, bandheight and bandweight? Worry you not, for it is the magic of the internet.

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