Wednesday, 9 January 2008

White Heat: One More Grain, My Sad Captains, Mixedcases - Madame JoJo's

Crap, I'm here a little early, I can just about count the number of people here on the stumps of one paw. Not only that, but whilst last time I was here at Madame JoJo's I was so impressed with the coolness of the DJ's moustache, that I figured I'd acquire one of my own, tonight about half the folk here have moustaches. I feel 17% chump.

Some girls wander in, take a seat next to me and wander off soon after. Stupid facial hair. Its like I've gatecrashed a secret society.

I think this year I shall keep a running tally of how late after the advertised doors time it is before the first band comes on. Maybe using the magic of the internog to sling up a poll somewhere to first gauge expectations.

I'd forgotten how dark it was in here, through the murk I spy a vaguely familiar face, 2 retro EyeSpy points. Apart from the internoggin, I haven't seen her in real life for years, the last vibe I recall was loathing, so I keep my head down and moustache proud.

Lone chap on stage first, dunno who he is, I thought there were only two bands on. He has a guitar, a keyboard, a lot of effects and an embarrassed smile. Usually I don't like tape loop acts who build up their own backing, I want to live in a house, I don't need to see it being built. But his first song seduces me, it sounds like The Postal Service.

It sounds like a small boy looking up in the snow, with a bloon.
All warm and droney with nice rock guitar layered in.

That girl who looks like Jef is here.

My Sad Captains have gone ace. This one time back in '94 I heard The Levellers at Glasto, they took one of their best songs, One Way, and stuck a long didgeridoo intro on it and it sounded brilliant. No didgeridoo for My Sad Captains, but they sounded different tonight, they sounded great, they sounded real.
In fact, I'd go so far to say they sounded better than I've heard them before, Indietracks and Windmill. Still could be tweaked a little more, like there's nothing wrong with their recorded output so far, its a little perfect poppish but the production is a little pedestrian. Listen to Bad Decisions here, and tell me it wouldn't be better if the drums were a little more explosive leading up to the chorus, when they play live you get a little more of that vitality coming through.

I'd never heard of One More Grain, they had a trumperter which shoogled my interest. But on listening, they seemed a bit like Half Man Half Biscuit up their arse, with Julian Cope solos tacked on and arguing with JamieC.
I was about to leave with a crap review of them in mind, when suddenly, out of no where, something drops, and One More Grain are wandering round Cumbria and the Peak District. My legs go all wibbly, my eyes well up and I go back to the mid-90s.

Later, a busker is playing Take Five and Angelo Badalamenti on the underground, which does a better job of taking me back.

Bands & MP3
Mixedcases - Boo be with you
My Sad Captains - Building Blocks
One More Grain - Down Roman Road
White Heat

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