Sunday, 8 June 2008

The Plimptons, The Squid, The Murderburgers - 13th Note

We'd been watching Twin Peaks:Fire Walk With Me beforehand, me, Nat and Del with a few bowls of mousaka.

When we arrived at the 13th Note, unlike gigs in London, it was only £4 in and you get a free CD, there was already a band on stage, either The Murderburgers or The Squid. They were fast energetic and punky, whoever they are.

Robbie is here, he wasn't impressed. I don't think my comrades were really that into the band, with quotes along the lines of "erm... non-existant", "Really good - according to Jason's girlfriend, I didn't really see them myself", "Nice haircuts, they smelled nice, very fizzy."

There's a lot of people I recognise here. Its been almost a year since I moved away from Glasgow, but folks from bands are still folks from bands:-
Robbie from IoMoPS
Paul Puppet from Scunner
Man Down Door
Joe Kane
The Owsley Sunshine
The Drive Carefully Crew
Billy from The Electroluvs
Soares and Paul from The Original Plimptons
Brendan from Teenage Fanclub
Wee Man from NEDS Kru
Dave, Chris, Katie and that wee guy from The Just Joans
Sophie from The Second Hand Marching Band
Natalie and Holly from Red Rocket
Jason and Craig from The Getset Go
Del from Linospankdiamond and the Syphilitic Bananas

A screen and projector are set up and after a few technical difficulties ironed out and pre-spiel by the director, the new Plimptons video is shown

It completely blows away any Plimptons video I've ever made, and in the words of Robbie "They have a sure-fire hit on their hands". If he's convinced then it must be right. What do you think?
Plimptons hit the stage, old songs and new songs, drummer Rowan's finished her tenure with them and after a final run through of Banjology, she leaves the stage and is replaced by Tommy from Los Destructos.

Ooh, Jason videoed the whole show, I hope it ends up online.

The Plimptons
The Murderburgers
The Squid

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words about the video...a sure-fire hit would be nice!

Fergus (director of video!)