Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The George Inn - Indietracks

Robbie and me head out to try to find a pub to get a carry out. We get to The George Inn in Butterly, its nice, the beer is cool and on stage is some mob of gentlemen playing AC/DC and Led Zepplin covers to a crowd of locals and youths.
Ooh, three minute harmonica solo. Is it wrong to enjoy this more than The Kabeedies, they're too young and exciting for me. The folk playing are old enough to be my dad when he was my age, and the crowd love them to bits.

Aw man, Sunshine of Your Love, how can this not be the best thing ever for a summer's day?

I'm racked with guilt and misgivings, rather than having existential crisises last week I should have done a run down preview of what bands at Indietracks you should see and which to avoid, with MP3s and videos. Instead I was moaning about whether I can review bands I know, which in the great scheme of things is of no use to anyone.

I'm sorry, its not you, its me.

What I need is someone to give me a slap, tell me to pull myself together and stop being so silly.

Ah well.

The next band playing in The George Inn start with a popular cover version, some song about being able to predict riots. Time to leave the pub I think.

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