Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The Just Joans - Indietracks

Oh, I've been waiting for this moment for years. This whole website, Last Night From Glasgow Indie Eyespy, it was all a carefully calculated ruse leading up to this moment, when a band what I released an album for, play to a packed room at the UK leading Indie music festival.
Indietrack025 - The Just Joans
How can I even review The Just Joans?
I dunno, so I ask other people.
Holly (the singer's girlfriend) - "They're okay"
Mark (the drummer's boyfriend) - "Bunch of Scottish wankers"
Alan (some kind of hanger-on) - "erm, quite refreshing"

Some quality unbiased view there.
Indietrack030 - The Just Joans
So I've seen them many times before and they keep getting better, you can take this as biased hypobole, but I was there I know. Their first ever gig, at the Tchai Ovna in 2006 was spinetingerling, the place was packed and David Pope was so nervous, but he pulled it off beautiful renditions of tracks off of the first album, then with the Last Night From Glasgow webcasts everything as so much more polished, the Say Dirty show at Brel last year, when I heard some of the new songs for the first time and they blew my mind, then even the WeePop show the other week, the song from the WeePop release highly polish and David centre stage surrounded by his band with real stage presence. And now victorious at Indietracks to winning over a room full of folk seeing them for the first time.

It was weird the applause they got, after the first song, it was the kind of thunderous response you get at the end of a set. Even the howls for an encore at the end, It was overwealming.

The last song, possibly called "If You Don't Pull", three part harmonies and a chorus that you'll be singing in the shower for weeks. I thoroughly endorse the vitriol of hating your friends and bandmates with the frustration of you're own inability to pull.

Bitterness is the new green.

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