Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The Roadside Poppies - Indietracks

Over in the Church, The Roadside Poppies are playing, I think I've only heard them from the Not Quite Rocket Science podcasts and they're great. A seven piece including the ipod backing track operator. They're so enthusiastic and the admission that they all live together like The Monkees is icing on the cheesecake.
Indietracks039 - The Roadside Poppies
Somehow the ipod had lost the backing track names, but they did a mighty fine job of playing one song to the tune of another.
Indietracks044 - The Roadside Poppies
Jangly guitars, harmonies, cute foreign girls singing "I'm so excited", songs about Clare Grogan, this, folks, is indiepop at its finest.

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