Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Still Corners - Indietracks

It was really hot in the church, its a tin railway church, and ancient wee thing and its a stage at Indietracks, bands play at the front, punters sit on the pews or crouch in the central aisle, or are crammed in round the door.

When I wandered in Still Corners have the audience rapt during a quiet bit. Its droney haunting music, kind of sleepy and dreamlike.

Great beat, not sure about the tune, lots of oooh's. I could do with being more drunk and tired to listen to them, rather than having a dozen bands to run round and see.

Outside, in the sunshine, dust devils have been circling round the diesel yard, taunting the festival goers. One particularly adventurous one rushes through the crowd in front of the Twist and Spout tea shop, people turn marvel at its audacity as sweeps through the indie/goth clothing stall, and towards the vintage and handmade clothing stall. It snatched the gazebo and hurled it toward people sitting nearby, stacks of merchandise went flying, scarfs and hankies carried spiraling hundreds of feet into the air.

It was a fine sight to be seen.


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