Thursday, 31 July 2008

The Wedding Present - Indietracks

Its late in the day, on the Main Stage - The Wedding Present are in fine form. The audience are rocking out, almost overwealming the security chap who tries to deal with folk climing onto the stage. Also almost total disregard for the posters banning photography, as the crowd is awash with folk holding up mobile phones and digital cameras. Not me though, I would't publish any photies if the sign says no.
Indietrack018 - The Wedding Present
Anyhoo, I don't recognise many of the songs, I'm a little drunk, I slip to the side of the room, leaning on the wall, and drift into the late nineties.

I'd finally bitten the bullet in summer '99 and gotten into doing the student newspaper at university. I'd made friends with the music editor at T in the Park and come freshers week we were inundated with free tickets and press credentials for touring bands. Cinerama were playing the 13th Note and there was a traffic light disco at the students union. I was dispatched to interview David Gedge.

It was my first actual proper bit of music journalistic goodness, interviewing someone from a real band.

I knew nothing of Cinerama, very little of the Wedding Present, nothing about interviewing and nothing about David Gedge, other than he got into a fight with Courtney Love five years previously.

The interview was a shambles, no tape recorder, just pretending to scribble notes in the pitch black basement of the 13th Note whilst the rest of the band sound-checked. No prepared questions, no insights, just a waste of Mr Gedge's time.

During the show I think I left a few songs into Cinerama, that traffic light disco sounded like fun.

Months later I bought the Wedding Present singles collection. It was all right, I like that Brassneck song and the theme from Cheers, but I think I missed the boat.

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