Saturday, 2 August 2008

Indietracks review round-up

Crikey, according to the stage times thing there were 67 bands scheduled to play, but with folk playing the Twist and Spout and on the platform I reckon 80 is closer to the mark.

In the past couple of days I've written 29 reviewy things, but someof them were a bit half hearted - sorry.

Luckily other folk on the internet were there and have posted reviews online...

Sweeping the Nation - Comprehensive review of Saturday
Indie-MP3 - Says the vibe from last year remained intact
George the 23rd's Journal - Didn't like the food
Rhythm_isa_mre - Saw too many bands to remember
eFestivals - Not so many bands but lots of sunshine
This is Nottingham - Thought the Church was rather warm
Ripley and Heanor News - Interviews a couple of the organisers
Sweeping the Nation - Manages to cover a lot of Sunday's bands that I missed
Chance of Sunny Spells - Rather fine array of photies from Saturday
Chance of Sunny Spells - Campsite festivities and photies from Sunday
Hey Hey Honeypop! - Dancing lots on Saturday
Hey Hey Honeypop! - Marvelling at Colin Clary's hips
Anorak - There's a whole thread of memories and photies
Kiss me, I've Quit Smoking - Missed a couple of bands on Saturday
Kiss me, I've Quit Smoking - But pulled it back on Sunday
Drowned In Sound - Their post-Indietracks thread
John Marshall - Some cracking photies from the chap who seemed to be everywhere
John Marshall - Thrills and spills on Sunday
Ready Art Brut - Doesn't get on well with sunshine
Ready Art Brut - Not a fan of Anorak either
Kitten Painting - Some fine photies too
Indie MP3 - Quick rundown of the Friday night
Indietracks photie pools
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on flickr
IndieHorse's photies

Will add more as I find them

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PeterD said...

Hello, I do ReadyartBrut, thanks for the mention, I should clarify, I have nothiong against Anorak, I have nothing against Indie Tracks either (I do have something against hot weather though, I should be a goth really), my point really was how can this develop if a certain group of people always want their favourite bands to play, and that set of people is the Anorak forum, Stuart seems to put a lot behind their opinion. Nothing wrong with that, he knows his market I guess. Oh, nice blog by the way.