Friday, 1 August 2008

Little My - Indietracks

Little My playing rather unexpectedly in the Twist and Spout tent. I was at the back eating carrot cake, the icing had gone a bit funny in the heat I think, rather than fluffy and creamy, the sugar seemed to have melted so it looked my like a lumpy glaze, but the cakey carrot goodness was still there.

For a few moments I couldn't see the cute Little My bass player girl, then noticed she was sat at the front playing glokenspiel. No animal costumes this time. There was about twelve people on stage, with a fine selection of acoustic instruments and VL Tone culled from other bands, Brontosaurus Chorus, The Just Joans, et al.
Indietracks105 - Little My
Its a rather jolly racket they're making, with the usual guitar turned down and the vocals louder in the tent, I though it was a little improvement on when they played the Twee As Fuck alldayer the other week.

Ooh, hang on, most of Silence the Sea are in Little My too, now I understand the collective thing. Thats neat.

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