Thursday, 11 December 2008

Kate Winter Quartet - Jazz Blow - Oh Bar

I was wandering destitute through the streets of Camden, stumbling into the familiar surrounds of the Oh Bar only to find that tonight is jazz night.

There is a quartet on stage, I'm indulging my mishearing to think the compare chap called them the Edgar Wynters Quartet, but alas its really the Kate Winter Quartet. Its rather nice lounge jazz.

Girl singer, piano, standy up bassy thing, and drummer using brushes. Its a treacly smooth voice although there are bread crumbs in the treacle. Pretty sure these are all standards.

I was almost in tears when they played 'Have yourself a very merry christmas', sometimes life paints itself as though you are in a movie.

Some polite french chaps take seats at the table next to me. They look very much me and Milo did back in jazz fridays in Glasgow, polonecks and black jackets.

Ooh some neat walking bass solos, my gaulic tablemates lead the audience in applauding, cleary having read the same jazz bluffers guide as we had back in the day.

The singing girl's scat singing is okay, but my view of such things has been jaundiced by a skit on Fresh Prince with uncle Phil doing it.

There were moments where the noodles and the solos were a little ramshackle, I've had the same problem myself, but aye, these moments were brief.

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