Friday, 16 January 2009

Goonite: The School - Bardens Boudoir

The DJ puts on B&S's immortal 'Lazy Line Painter Jane' and for a few seconds I got that was there the feeling of nostalgia for Glasgow, same as when I hear 'The only one-eyed gnome' by The Charlatans, I think of Manchester. Hmm, DJ follows up with Feelgood Factor. Anyhoo, so me and Pnos were bestest mates in school in Bolton, he headed to Cardiff for uni and I headed to Glasgow, some time at the end of the last century he joined The Loves. Time passes and Liz from The Loves leaves to form The School. Has it really been 36 years?

Right now, I love The School, I'm all soppy and loved up in real life and when they roll up on my ipod I go gay for them.

Crikey, the crowd are noisy. Folk near the stage, Shoreditch girls mostly, they're doing the cheek-thrusting dance step.

Aw man, I love The School, but the crowd are so painfully noisy, chattering over the music, I'm going home.

Sorry Goonite.

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