Thursday, 12 February 2009

Kelman - The Gramaphone

First struck by the ace Doors-esque keyboards, then the laid back relaxed drawl from the singing guitar chap.

They seem easier on stage than the last mob, but the audience has thinned out a wee bit, more t-shirts than the becoated crowd earlier in the evening.

Very slow paced and more erm... musical, with a little of the driven shoegazer drone we love at Lost Music gigs. Soundman has his head on.

Ooh, absolutely magic track that rips the pounding of of B&S's Sleep the Clock Around, is that the trusty E-B-C#-A sequence, there have never been any crap songs that use those chords in the entire history of recorded music.
Kelman #2
Broken string, slows the momentum of the set a wee bit, but a replacement guit is provided by a helpful audience member.

A storming finish to the set too, I'm going to have to look up this Kelman on MySpace.

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