Monday, 27 July 2009

Camera Obscura - Indietracks

Why is Camera Obscura's album artwork pants this time? Behind them the album cover looms as a backdrop, what happened to the gorgeous photies of Chris and Katie Just Joans, ah weel.

Its been a while since I saw or heard the mighty 'Ob, they've a new album 'My Maudlin Career' and world tours and all kinds of stuff, they're just back from America where they went down well and are loved by college radio. I heard a couple of their new tracks on YouTube and at the time it didn't strike me as much of a step forward from the previous album 'Let's get out of this country', but here today under the sunshine its all quite dandy.

The ladies on stage look swell, Carey momentarily smiled, the gents are looking very dapper in suits. The set's a fine balance between old and new stuff. Razzle Dazzle Rose is great for this kind of weather.

They ought to be headlining, that would have made the day perfect.

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