Saturday, 25 July 2009

Let's Whisper - Indietracks

It was a bit of a mad rush to get into the Let's Whisper carriage, they certainly have some eager fans. The WeePop massive, the Moustache of Insanity crew, even the Motherwell film makery people.
Its awfy warms and difficult to see the front, but it sounds okay. Wee Colin's stood in the middle, fresh from his song writing workshop, Dana is stood to the right and on the left is that chap from One Happy Island on ukulele.

Sugar sprinkled pop with harmonies and people singing different things at the same time. Its magic.

The train stopped for fifteen minutes whilst the engineers swap which end the engine goes gone. During which we ponder what if we're stuck there all day and who do we eat first.

The yelp of 'holy shit' as Dana realises that the train's returned to the platform halfway through 100 Roses which is why Colin's been trying to get them playing double-time.

"They were all right" says Robbie.

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