Friday, 24 July 2009

Modular - Indietracks

Its gone all corporate, there's a fence round the place, the trains are one side, the burger vans and stages on the other.

Its Friday night and on stage are Modular from Buenos Aires.

The program says soundscapes of retrofuturistic and fantastic feeling, which is about right. It music that makes you smile. And eep, they're singing in Spanish. I've no idea what they're saying but it sounds lovely.

Its kind of sunny with on and off rain, some people wearing shorts, some in raincoats. From where I'm sat, behind the toilet block, I can see four people wearing striped jumpers.

Ooh, on stage they have some spacy reverb going down and vocoda vocals, its like 1999 in the future.

Maybe its just the language thing, but its very background musicy, rather than some I can really sink my teeth into. Having said that, soke of the trumpet / drum lines are a bit shoegazery early Boo Radleys, with a bit of Moody Blues psychedelia.

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