Monday, 27 July 2009

The Specific Heats - Indietracks

The Specific Heats start off their set with their reverb box bursting into flames and smoke, people screaming and running round until the sound engineer takes it out like a spent ghostbusters trap. On the second attempt at starting the singer chap breaks a guitar string and then whilst that gets sorted they tell a joke about scottish people which mock riles the mad scotish camera crew at the back until they realise that they're fans.

Third time lucky.

They start off all wearing capes but these are dispensed with quite soon.

From where I'm sat I can only see the cute bass player. The way she plays, she looks really dirty. Its the hair, eyes, mouth combo and dancinf whilst playing.

Lots of reverb despite the earlier damage. Have I seen these chaps before? The vamp garage sounds familiar, the Munsters theme tune smoking a wolfknuckle. But the melody reminds me of something else, like the odd bit of melody you could dig up in Jesus and Mary Chain tracks. There's something buried deep in there.

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