Monday, 20 July 2009

Sweet Baboo - Betsey Trotwood

I reckon Sweet Baboo are a bit dub gospel. Like Johnny Cash's spaceship had crashlanded in North Wales rather than Smallville. He even does that pointing guitar thing that JC did.

I'm not sure if might not be a carefully scripted and rehearsed comedy act.

Warm and delicate acoustic guitar with like the biggest electric I've ever seen.

No doublebass player tonight "the twat's gone to Latitude instead." I love the banter, "no, I didn't go to the same primary school as you Steve", "Sorry that I've jabbled on. Jabbled?"

The songs have a little of the surreal about them, snow in a vietnamese field with your legs blown off. Backing vocals supplied by the reluctant keyboard player and some ghostly voices to the left of me in the crowd.

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