Thursday, 16 July 2009

WeePOP: Colin Clary - Buffalo Bar

Like a Tickle-me-Elmo with a guitar, this evening with part-time Elvis mutton-chops and the earnest dial cranked up to eleven.

Colin Clary is a jolly chap, the venue's quiet, its late and people are drifting home tired but spirits are high, and the few who remain are enthusiastic fans.

His set this evening involves lots of tuning up the guitar, and tweaking his wee practise amp, needlessly I'd say, but I am tone deaf.

Actually it is a little tinny and hurts my ears, sorry, I should have said.

Its very cutesy music, twee, but in a slightly different axis to the twee of the Bobby McGees, like you wouldn't see Colin wearing face paints and throwing paper aeroplanes to the crowd. Maybe its just Americanism.

Ooh, I love the solo version of Sapphire that he treats us to, a chap in the crowd videoed it so that'll be a treat for later.

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