Thursday, 16 July 2009

WeePOP: The Sunny Street - Buffalo Bar

Hang on, are The Sunny Street the same band as Electrophonvintage? They've got like the same members, well, no drummer, but a backing track with drums and synth and the girl does most of the singing and the singing chap stands at the back.

It would be nice to have songs in French. The girl singing sounds like Sarah Cracknell tonight, my attractive young ladyfriend notes that she's wearing a retro early nineties tight black lacy mini-dress.

Sounds a bit boomy where we're sat at the back. The vocals low in the mix. Could just be cos of the acoustics, and if we stood up and moved forward it would sound better, but its comfy here.

Its gets lovely and shoe-gazery towards the end, I liked Ian's lead bass guitar, that was neat.

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