Sunday, 18 March 2007

St Deluxe, The Hermit Crabs, Sisa, Hey Princess - Oran Mor

A bit of confusion about the door price this evening. It says £8 which is a bit steep, but all the bands had discount fliers pimped on their MySpace pages. £6 discount = £2 on the door, and bottles of Fosters only a punt, could be a cheap night for music fans.

Crikey, Radar's here, he does get around at these gigs.

On stage is a five piece, knowing nothing about the bands, I presume them to be Sisa, laid back female vocalling, Breeders B-side material. They seem nervous, uncomfortable in their skins. They sound like a cross country train ride on an autumn Sunday.

Nope, my mistake, this is Hey Princess. I thought the Princess would be the Diana look-alike with the salt-grinder and chunky necklace, but Tom reckons its the tall oriental gentleman on bass.

The Hermit Crabs, start off with an apology for fannying around with their gear. What is it with bands starting with apologies?

It'd be unfair to call out requests for Camera Obscura songs, but the similarities are there. And if the mighty 'Crabs are to follow in the footsteps of the mighty 'Obscura as they did with the mighty 'nd Sebastian, who's going to be the Isobel Campbell/John Henderson and leave the band?

They've kicked off their very own genre of songs about Sauchiehall Street, it won't be long until other bands follow. Take for example Adam J Smith's genre of song's about the 13th Note, with Kid Canaveral doing likewise with 'Smash Hits'. Alas the 'Crabs had a 'cha cha cha' in the middle which seemed a little jarring.

The gentleman stood to my right was nodding in time to the bassline, as opposed to the drums as normal.

My favourite song was 'Fields Folk Festival' a new song, neat guitar noodles, but they seemed unsure how to finish it.

I was talking to Steph about my fake marriage to a photographer when suddenly Sisa hit the stage. It rather caught me off guard. The mind of Clare Grogan with the body of Katy-Jane Garside stolen the wardrobe from Strawberry Switchblade. A bald Danny Wallace on guitar, playing like Electafixion era Will Sergeant, and a very funky fretless bass player who appeared to be made out of pencils. A bit too bombastic and new wave for me.

, the promoter, who I vaguely know off of Jockrock, was rumbling about the size of the crowd. It was bigger than most of the gigs I've been to at the Oran Mor, and I was there, so hey ho.

Ooh, both me and the statuesque girl, who was in front of me in the queue for Spitfire the other night, like St Deluxe.

They're a noisy band, three guitars, a bass and drums. Tom was muttering something about Sebadoh, but I was thinking, more like vocals from Stabiliser or Urusei Yatsura. They were a lot louder than when they played at my flat last year, and they rocked so hard at points Jamie on vocals didn't need his microphone. I liked 'em, I liked 'em loads.


Anonymous said...

Sisa are amazing - one of the best bands in Glasgow around atm imo.


Chris said...

The girl was very pretty and I liked her dress