Thursday, 22 March 2007

The Rodent Emporium, The Hector Collectors - Bar Bloc

Adam Hector is panicing, their bass player was the singer in The Martial Arts last night in Edinburgh and hasn't been seen since. This was supposed to be a Plimptons gig, them hitting Bar Bloc for the first time, reaching out to a new audience, but Marty Plimp got tonsilitus, so that was off.

There's about 30 people here, fresh meat, trendy looking folk, girl's who've made an effort. Lord knows what they're expecting.

So, The Hectors are on first, just the three of them, Iain, Adam and Cal (Plimptons roadie, now on drums). Hmm, the vocals need more treble and the guitar's too loud, maybe I should say something. Ach, it won't make much difference. Audience participation is limited to half the room looking bored and the other half talking amongst themselves.

Crikey, the band don't half put their backs into it. Wouldn't it be weird if the best band in town's natural habitat was gigs only 1/4 full?

What's even weirder is that if Paul the bass player was here, The Hector Collectors would be the only band featuring four certified savants, alas, they're merely bildungsroman.

Aw man, there are people dancing, really actually dancing, both on their feet near the front, and dancing in their seats. That Supernaturals in the 13th Note is a classic.

On next are The Rodent Emporium, soundchecking very loudly. Opposite me and to the right a group are raiding the Hectors' entourage's coats and bags that have been left unattended, eating all their chocolate eclairs and stealing bags, maybe I should say something. The Rodent Emporium all wear matching blue short sleeved shirts, with the band name emblazoned on the back.

Ooh, the make a much better job of the poor sound in the venue. Stabby, shouty, stop/starty, dual vocals from the singer and guitarist.

The uniforms and the mohawks make them more cartoony than the intellectualism of the Hector Collectors.

Ooh, walking on tablesy bits.

Hmm, the place is jumping now. Barely an empty seat or a dry eye in the room. and the Hectors are wondering what happened to their swedge. I better make a move.

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