Saturday, 24 March 2007

Television Keeps us Apart, Zoey Van Goey - Bar Baccus

At the 13th Note before heading to Sounds of Sweden, with a jolly old gang of internet folks, nervous supping their drinks, wondering just how late will be stylishly late to arrive at the gig.

Over near the door I spotted uncle Brendan, The Plimptons' producer, and somewhere to my left is a girl previously known as udders from the Barfly.

Actually, they're not trying to be stylishly late, they just don't care. Its just me panicing we're going to miss a band.

Of course we all arrive early and take awkward seats as far away as possible from the stage.

"Its a bit pish," says Robbie. At least until the cupcakes turn up.

Zoey Van Goey hit the stage, if these guys are the future kings of Glasgow, I'm not impressed. I appreciate they're gigging their asses off, last Friday at Beanscene, and its paying off with media coverage, but they don't have me convinced. Jed really likes them "They sound like nectar", Lynsey says "I like them", but they remind me of the pastoral pish my Dad would play when we went on holiday.

Robbie says "Blues-step", inventing their own genre, but for something so generic, I'm not so sure.

"Could do with more vibra-slap" says Jed.

Ooh, their last song was pretty good, but sounds different to all their other songs. That must be really frustrating for them.

Duck eggs + Biscuits = Afghan Yolk

The cupcakes Tara made were nice, but gooey, the icing went everywhere and they were all stuck together. Whilst Robbie went for eating them whole and swallowing the cupcake paper, Lee easily mastered the technique of peeling the paper off. Lynsey say "Lemony in a nice way"

The barmaid, it may have been her first day and she did struggle, but the back of her head was very similar to an ex-girlfriend's, they could have been back of head twins.

Aw man, there's another guy here scrawling notes about the gig in a notebook, a more elegant notebook. He looks familiar, I hope it isn't my cousin.

Television Keeps us Apart
- average pish to begin with. They're Swedish which counts for a bit, but not much.

Ooh, laptoppy drums and twee Casio keyboards. I think I remeber this, pre-programmed rhythm No. 6 with a flute setting.

"Dour tweefuckery" say Robbie.

It gets faster, pre-programmed rhythm No. 8 and well, we should like this, but we don't. A little discoy, maybe like their compatriots The LoveNinjas, but from where I'm sitting, less charisma.

Colin - "I quite liked it"

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