Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Endrick Brothers, The Hermit Crabs - Cottiers

1 guitar & 2 singers, the guitar was a little quiet, but the "woo, woot" bits were nice.

Apparently Martini is good for attracting fruit flies, and leaving out jars of jam is useful for attracting wasps. I think I may have misheard, but its also good for Paulo Nutini.

Sounded like Teenage Fanclub, but out of tune, kind of weirdly American, Maybe they were Irish.

Like most of the audience, we weren't really listening.

I guess this is like my twenty-sixth Hermit Crabs review, second time here in the Cottiers. Already, for the first song, there are people up dancing at the front. The sound is atrocious, obviously the dancers are plants. The guitar is a wee bit out of tune and bottom heavy, drowning out the texture of everything else.

This time I'm sure its not because of where I'm sitting, the sound is just pants, they've sounded better before, at the Oran Mor and the 13th Note, probly the RAFA too.

It'd be neat if it was a Twin Peaks Angela Badalamenti, dub number, fading in and out of reality, where the vocals are sometimes there and sometimes in the Black Lodge, but here, tonight, it sounds badly mixed.

Sometimes I can hear it, behind what they're actually playing, I can hear the great twee hope, trying to escape, maybe other people can hear it too. That's what the sound is, great unfulfilled potential. There people who clap after each song, they too can hear the hope and pray one day it'll reach the surface.

Whoever these people are, taking photies with their camera phones, they're taking photies of each other taking photies, rather than of the band, some kind of Von Neuman's catastrophe, self-referential thing. Will the photies ever end up onlin, on Flickr, as much as this review will end up online.


lism. said...

Oh, I hate the Endrick Brothers. Hate hate hate. They're from Glasgow, but sing in contrived American accents. It does my box in. Although stating such got me flamed.

Mark said...

The sound was pish, it's true. Winchester tonight, should be better. Should.

Anonymous said...

and jesse malin singing in that mad nasal accent is better?