Thursday, 10 May 2007

Frightened Rabbit, Suburban Kids with Biblical Names - Nice n Sleazy

My first dampner of the night was from a queue malfunction at the bar, I was there first, the girl who came to the bar after me was served first. I think I vaguely know her. Still, I only wanted an orange juice, and I'm here for the music, not to start a fight.

First up were Frightened Rabbit from Glasgow, I've seen the name in listings fliers and magaziness. They started off sounding a little uncertain of themselves.

Guitary and a little whiney. The drummer plays harmonica, whilst drumming, which is quite an achievement. Sings harmonies in some of the songs too.

How come they just turned into Simon and Garfunkle? They had two electric guitars, a fancy drummer and no bass guitar, I look down, scribble notes for a few seconds, and suddenly they're on acoustic guitar and bass and sound like The Boxer.

Of my colleagues for the night: Robbie couldn't decide if it was really good or horrible. Caroline grimmaced "kind of shit", Colin thought they were quite good, but annoyed that they played for so long. Its a good point, many of us have other places to go later this evening.

Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol is here, and Billy from Drive Carefully with his attractice female companion, in the distance I think I can spot Stacy from Sounds of Sweden.

I hope SKWBN start with Rent a Wreck.

Alas no. Glasgow is more relaxed than London, only one support act tonight, giving out heros plenty of time on stage.

I'd explained to Billy my theories about the Suburban Kids's formula for beats hooks, grooves and grinding into your head, and even on a second retrospective, it holds out. But tghis time, doesn't grate as much. The sound's better here, clearer and cover's more ground.

They had more success night with the Fender Stratocaster, new from New York, it worked a treat for several songs, before conking out mid song. They handled it well and good-humouredly, we don't care.

Rent a Wreck came about three songs from the end. Kind of an extended version, with band member introductions and Peter guitarist takes to the Rabbits's drumkit for a blistering drum thing. Rather jolly stuff the crowd certainly loved it.

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