Saturday, 12 May 2007

The Moth and the Mirror, The Sorren Maclean Band, Miyagi, Miss The Occupier, The Cider Spiders, The Cuts - King Tuts

Clair didn't think much of the first band, we only caught the last song, sounded like torturing an exgirlfriend as an opera.

It was only as they finished that I recognised the singer girl, Stacy, as being Willie Campbell's cello player from a few weeks back.

Next band, look like some chaps from McFly with their dad on double bass. The singer chap's playing an acoustic guitar, but its sounds electric, what's the deal with that?

Crikey, its good stuff. Alan says Franz Ferdinand / Four Hero. I would say blistering beats with rather neat 'woo woot' and 'du du duh du' bits.

They kind of slowed a little towards the end, shame really, I liked them. Ooh, it was the guy's dad.

Three of four years ago flatmate Alan took me to see a mate's band, Miyagi and I bumped into a friend from univeristy who I was rather fond of. Alas, she's not here tonight. Miyagi looking rather dapper on stage, suits, shirts with pointy collars and ties.

A bit blues, a bit ska, neat sax, rather jolly harmonies and everyone in the band gets a shot at singing. They all looked like they were rather enjoying themselves.

Miss The Occupier next, familiar faces, Magnus on guitar, looking rather dapper himself, black shirt / suit, Emiliy the strange cravat. Its the first time I've seen this mob.

Somewhere on the continuum of cabaret, art-rock and riot grrl. They stake their territory well. Nice shouty bits from the girl with red hair and a bass guitar, and when she sings, she sings sweetly.

Big clunky and arty.

The penultimate band of the night are The Cider Spiders. One chap in a paper boiler suit, two half naked chaps and a bass player who looks like he's wandered in with the wrong band.

They rock a phat one, gonzo rockabily blues. Mad snake beast dancing and fast shouty howled lyrics.

Looks like they've bused in coach loads of their fans. The inbetween song chant, mid-song cheers and spontaneous synchronised clapping. God knows if it'll win over the judges.

For tonight has been a T-Break heat, after thousands of demos have been whittled down at the Tennents Brewery to forty acts, it comes to this battle of the bands-style affair. Who will the judges pick? and how can they from any kind of diverse field. Will sheer will power from the fans do it? I'll have to check online later.

I'm quite jaundiced by the who thing myself, The Plimptons have failed to get through to the heats for three years now, what kind of travesty of pop picking is that? Like come on. They're playing at The Box on Sauchiehall Street tonight, and this one's free. They're bound to put all the TBreak massive to shame.

The last band of the night, called "The Cuts" started off sounding a little like The Strokes, I left after 30 seconds.

Names of all the folk onstage, as requested, are as follows

The Moth and the Mirror
Stacey Sievwright
Gordon Skene
Kevin McCarvel
Murdo McKenzie
Iain Sandilands
Miss the Occupier
Roz Davies
Magnus Hughson
(and some temporary replacement drummer who's name I missed and can't find any record of)
The Sorren MacLean Band
Sorren MacLean
John Barlow
Gordon Maclean
Ally McNaught
Yoann Buisson
Alex Ross
Euan Bruce
Andy Duncan
Cider Spiders
The Cuts
Neil Walker
Kieran Docherty
James Roberston
David Bonnersize

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