Sunday, 24 June 2007

Extreme Animals, Voice Like Bones - Transmission Gallery

Some kind of Nuts and Seeds related night at the Transmission Gallery, which now appears to be above the 13th Note, rather than on the corner with all the chalk graffiti.

Its a big dark and empty room, arty hipster types and, dare I say it, monotypes are in attendance, short girls with tight jeans and those hairstyles, boys with scruffy hair and coloured trousers.

Giles, formerly of Dananananaykroyd, introduces the first act, presumably Voice Like Bones.

The room darkens further and the video projection comes on, a 3 minute mashed loop of arty clips, juxtaposing and colour switching, angels and children deconstruction. The sound comes from a chap with a table loaded with boxes and cables, distortion, reverb, tone and noise generators, and a cymbal wired up to it somehow.

Rather neat bass, you can hear the speakers struggling. Dull throbbing, almost like trains passing, thuds, clunks and whirrs, deafening at points.

Girls with small digital cameras on oversized tripods taking flashless photies of the crowd. One wonders if this is one of those pisstakery art happenings where the performance is in the reaction of the crowd rather than what is happening on stage.

Stew from Beard magazine is here.

Headlining tonight are Extreme Animals, two American chaps very slowly make their way to the stage on pretend zimmerframes. I say stage, its just a lit up area in the middle of the room, between speakers, where a drum kit and a flightcase of electronics have been set up.

Loud fast raucous stuff, backing synths with live drums from 'Dave' and distorted vocals and synth noodles from the other chap.

Having a whale of a time. I can't make out any of the lyrics, but there's lots of moshing and shouting. Twinkly keyboards sound a bit like KLF's cathedral.

They entice the audience nearer withfist fulls of fake money, and when the microphone fails, everythings pretty good humoured with teh wsinger chatting to the crowd about the reasons for them playing tonight, whilst a spare is found.

Comedy dance moves mid-song an as requested by an audience member some dirty dancing in a corner before the final song of the night.

Very likeable people, with nice, enjoyable, but disposable electric music.


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