Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Jo Foster, Ceylan Delikanli, The Hector Collectors, The Bears - The Halt Bar

The Bears, missed them, but I asked Adam if they were any good - "Yeah. If that's not a recommendation, I don't know what is. Contemporaries of The Hector Collectors according to the blurb.

Speaking of which, they're next on stage.

This incarnation is just Iain and Adam with Paul from the Plimptons on drums. Whilst line-up-wise they're a pale shadow of the glory days of when half of indie pop faves Camera Obscura were with them on drums, or the mastermind behind NME faves Dananananaykroyd played bass for them, or even earlier when Paul from The Poppadoms played bass for them, the sound is almost exactly the same as the classic Hector Collector demos that John Peel played at the start of this decade.

Its as shambolic as always, cultural references all a decade out of date, psychopaths on the internet, Oasis-style britpop. Oblique ad libs to the crowd, "This is another song in the world", "In the year 2525 no one will remember this song"
Hector Collectors 2
Ad and Paul both lose their voices towards the end. During the final G, Cm, D medley, it fell apart a few times, word forgetting, string breaking, song forgetting.

Glastonbury was really muddy and tiring, but ultimately alright.

Perhaps some brief explanation, tonight this is Go-ra-ga, a sister promotion to Drive Carefully Records, same sort of people, but ethically run. Now Nuts and Seeds made a similar claim of ethics and would publish their accounts online, door takings and how much each band were paid. It didn't last long and they never seemed to need to pay venue hire or PA hire.

On the other hand, Go-ra-ga is at the Halt bar, where no door entry is charged, it'll be interesting to see how they can back up the ethics claim.

Ceylan Delikanli
and another girl on stage next, as joint headliners, restless audience, they started with too much talking, but when the girls started singing, the audience falls silent. The second girl giggles gratingly through the first song, but Ceylan is flawless. Two girl harmonies and a £12 ukulele.

Paul Smith with new haircut nattering to Adam, who previously had been mistaken for a barman, and white russians requested.

Viking Moses is here, they invite him on stage to help swap around instruments whilst the audience chat amongst themselves.

Music for falling asleep to. I'm not sure who Ceylan's friend is, but she sings nice, less of the ethereal quality of Ceylan, but nice, lilting and melodic.

Songs get better towards the end of the set, with understated, jolly keyboards, loud keypress noises.

Its a bit Glastonbury style folkiness.

Dave and Chris from the Just Joans are here, and Tom Snowball too, now I think about it, Viking Moses sounds a little like Tom Snowball.

Ooh, The Just Joans are playing Twee as Fuck in October, the club night that Uma Thurman runs, its a small small world this green land of indiepop.

Ah, now it all becomes clear, the other girl on stage with Ceylan and Viking Moses was Jo Foster, the headline act. All three of them intermingled, not quite knowing all of each other's songs, but close enough.

So, in summary:-
Jo - Lilting
Ceylan - Ethereal
Hectors - Shambolic
The Bears - Yeah

Clair takes me notebook to contribute her own review...

Ethical, What is ethical?
I'm trying to write something
of substance, but :
A) There is no light
I can't even see wr
(what I'm writing, apparently
+ B) I can't even
Anyway, ...
I have a feeling.
that my breif (brief)
drinken appearance
Okay. Completely forgotten
what I'm saying. But
yes, I am honoured to
be writing in Christopher
David Gilmour's book of
excitement _ perhaps I shall
finish soon. The Bears were
wonderful (yet I'm biased
as I have been to
Amsterdam with one bear
and have... I don't know
Been associated with
Anyway. They were
ace + Hectors were
wonderful. Anyone who
has an objective opinion
of the Hector Collectors
Umnm, I
Anyway. Think
I have a limited
time with you, my

Anyway. Ceyland + Co
were beautifill
That said beautful
Appologis for
the diary abuse

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