Friday, 29 June 2007

Sexy Kids, No Age, Mika Miko - Nice n Sleazy

Missing Sexy Kids ex-Royal We, I bumble into the back of a packed crowd for No Age. Some Winchester folk are here, girls from the original Glasgow Indie Eyespy, folk off of the internet, arty photographer folk and Stew from Beard is here. If Adam's wondering where its at, he's in the wrong place, at Bloc waiting for the Slut of Trust to set up.

On stage there's a chap in a vest stood on a monitor and some guy with a bandana round his neck playing guitar. This is loud chewy guitar, that wraps itself round you and squeezes, so rich and warm. The drums and singing starts. I say singing, there's more shouting involved with a double microphone setup, and not so much drumming, but one handed banging along. Really loud, but really comfortable, there are heads bobbing along.
Even as a support act they had an encore. A noisy building number, with mic-less howling and dying away before exploding again just as I'm my way out for a cigarette.

Mika Miko from Los Angeles (Angeles rhyming with Kellis). Five or six brightly coloured girls, this generations Go-Gos. My favourite was their Belinda Carlisle, bouncing about centre stage with sunglasses, shouting into a red telephone. Also vocals from stage left on regular microphone with sax.

Hey, Rowan's here, I wonder if I can palm off reviewing duty on her.

So, big clunky guitar and punky rock. Sassy too. I've heard the sound before, either run of the mill punk or when I accidentally downloaded their stuff instead of UK chart topper Mika.

They offer a free t-shirt to the first crowd surfer, I'm stood near the back on a stool, wondering if its worth leaping onto the heads of the floorstanders. I haven't been to a crowd surfy gig in years. Everyone used to do it. I remember Paddy tried crowd surfing to Whipping Boy at Manchester Uni in '95 or was it China Drum, either way he ended up on the floor in pain and I was snogging a Rachel.

Some promo folk from Corona are making a fuss at the back, whilst Mika Miko launch into a bass-heavy final song. I can't see the stage, but it sounds like there's plinky plonk keyboards in there.

Squeely excitable shouty stuff.

Nice to see the bands got paid, not sure about venue hire mind.



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Rowan said...

Sexy Kids were very good, much better than TRW. Only played 4 or 5 songs mind.