Friday, 29 June 2007

Roy Moller, Gravity Graced, Kid ID, The AMs - The Box

Not sure who the first chap on stage was, a skiffle cover of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues, apparently he had a cool squinty way of looking at his microphone.

Holly, Nastily and Adam are here, it's The AMs last ever gig or Dominic Diamond's leaving do or something. Let me assure you, it was The AMs that I'm here for, so it comes as a surprise to see Uncle Roy Moller take to the stage next.

Its a home crowd, half decent acoustics in the room, vocals quite strong in the mix. That song with the "wah wah wah" line goes down a treat with my small circle. I think this is the first time Adam's seen him.

He's growing on me greatly, I think I ought to buy an album or something or maybe bring more folk to his gigs.
Ooh, like the WaterRats in London, The Box have CCTV pointed at the stage and plasma screens dotted about the venue. I wonder if plasma is really best for this environment, with burn-in and all that. What's the lifespan of the sets? Longer than the lifespan of the venue?

Maybe the Plimps should take cue from Roy and play gigs all over the shop.

Next up were Gravity Graced - Madchester-Oasis derrived pish. So I head next door.

Not to the acoustic version of Sweet Child O'Mine at O'Neils, but Nuts and Seeds at Sleazys.


Kid ID? Five folk on stage, including a brass section wearing shorts, doubling as backing singers. Messy, shapeless, but conventional music. Not enough ideas, too thinly spread. They play a jam out with the bass from Herbie Hancock's track 'Bring Down The Birds', its not very inspired compared to contempories such as Vertigo Green, The Poppadoms and How To Swim. Hmm, the vocals remind of me How To Swim.

I'll give them credit for looking like they're having fun on stage.

I wonder where Holly and Nastily are, and Dominik Diamond, surely not at the Variety Bar.

I head off to Bloc to try to catch the Sluts of Trust, to no avail why do bands all hit their stages at 1am these days? A text message calls me back to The Box for The Mighty Mighty AMs.
Really, how cute is Marisa? She's like a little pocket sized jar of honey. I love her eyes and her smile and she can play drums better than most comedy rock drumers I've seen this week. I'd ask her if she likes flying kites.

Their songs are genius, a rock cover of Salt n Pepa's Push It, songs they tried to write with Jack Black, he contributes one line, its about cheese, songs about Isobelle Campbell, and people with ginger hair called Suzi, such as Susan Hay.

Its like a parallel universe in here, they troop up their friends bands on stage, Scott from Sergeant, and Glasvegas (grr). Dedicating songs to Little Man Tate.

The bloke from The Last King of Scotland is in the crowd and a few dozen drunk fat people shoving past to get out for a fag, thank god I don't smoke.

Nastily is stood at the front to the left near the door, Adam is stood right in front of Dominik, grinning with his comic bag over his shoulder. Adam's an important part of my story here. Dom Diamond was the chap who did Games Master a generation ago, he went through a wilderness years period, and it was 2002 when I first went to see The Hector Collectors at Stereo with my then insane ex-girlfriend, and the Hectors played their song "Dominik Diamond, I wonder where you are, Dominik Diamond, he writes for the Daily Star", dedicating it on that occasion to Dom who's spirit was nearby. There have been updates to the song ever since. We saw the AMs play at Capitol a few months back, and Adam was exhilarated to hear that Dom still remembered him and that song.

So there he was, right at the front. Dom no longer working for XFM, and quite angry about it too, some would say bitter, especially being an award winning DJ. I understand, I too was made redundant recently. There are debates elsewhere on the internet about what the hell XFM are playing at, that whole thing about axing daytime DJs in order to play internet jukebox radio. Short term populism, its their own death nell.

On stage though, The AMs are great fun, I can't wait to see them again.

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