Monday, 30 July 2007

The Lovely Eggs - Indietracks

I've never thought that reviews of festivals really do justice to the bands playing. Too many bands, too little space. I'll try.

I'm on a steam train, there's a band set up in the guard's wagon. A stripey topped duo, boy + girl. Even before she announced where they were from, the girl seemed familiar, blond hair, nervous smile, eyeliner and north of England accent, from Lancaster.
The Lovely Eggs 01
Fuzz guitar, an assortment of percussion and sometimes a recorder and bird noise thing. The girl does all the singing. Songs from life about hair, home towns, and falling asleep on trains, kind of sound like a minimised version of Angelica and The Loves.

Ooh, crikey, it is the girl from Angelica.


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