Monday, 30 July 2007

The Loves - Indietracks

Full complement this time, its kind of weird them playing in broad daylight in a diesel engine shed. To my left is a bouncy castle. Ahead of me is around thirty of these people from gigs and bands. Nods and brief chats.

Its a more expansive sound than usual, harder even than the Buffalo the other week. A little shouty too.

The between song banter isn't as good as usual, the blonde keyboard girl who's name evades me seems comfortable and they're comfortable amongst themselves, maybe its just that the audience are so far away and as the first band on, the place is emptier than they're used to.
The Loves
The new drummer sounds more agressive than the last one, maybe he has to prove something.

All the old hits come storming through, and again my eyes moisten to "She'll break your heart"


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