Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Darren Hayman - Indietracks

What I do at gigs is scribble my notes and feelings of the band, the performance, the gig in my wee notebook, then hours/days later, I just type up exactly what I've written, sometimes adding more detail, often adding links and photos where I can. I don't think back and try to remember what the gig was like, I just copy the reatime notes.

So by this stage of the festival I'm so drunk I can barely hold my pen. I'd just finished my bottle of rum, and what I wrote for the review in my notebook was this:-

Damn Hefner
Write about Rachel later

Then at this point I lurched out of the diesel shed into the buffet wagon, verbally abused my friends, then staggered off the festivals site and threw up in my car.


Anonymous said...

So you gonna write about Rachel or what?

Chris said...


indiessance said...

your 'wee notebook' has a lot of cool things to say about the music scene. thanks for taking the time to share your wee perspective with us music sponges out here in the wired wonderland of the indie-net.